2018 Schedule of Events:
This schedule is subject to change. Thank you for removing your shoes before going inside the Temple.

  • 11:00am: Celebration opens with “Meet & Greet” time
  • 11:30am-Noon (outside): Opening Ceremony
  • Starting at 12:00 Noon (outside): Food service begins, provided by Linh Thuu Temple
  • 12:10 (outside): Martial arts demonstration by the children of Dragon Bushido
  • 12:30pm (outside): Children’s area open
  • 12:40pm (inside): Rev. Jerry from the Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple, “Essence of Jodo Shinshu”
  • 12:40pm (outside): Theremin, Tibetan bowl, & Didgeridoo peformance by AlejAndro Anastasio
  • 1:00-2:00pm (outside): Balloons by Loni in children’s area
  • 1:10pm (inside): Zen session by Just Sit
  • 1:40pm (inside):  AlejAndro Anastasio from Boise Dharma Center, “Original Purity”
  • 1:40pm (outside): Jim Percy on guitar
  • 2:10pm (inside): Chanting meditation by Empty Gate Zen Center
  • 2:30pm (outside): Children’s area closes
  • 2:40pm (outside): Drumming by Sangha Taiko
  • 3pm (outside): Closing Ceremony